DoorDash, going beyond food delivery, will soon bring you alcohol

DoorDash started off as a restaurant delivery company — but, like many on-demand delivery companies, its ambitions are certainly much higher than that. And it’s taking one step beyond food delivery today by adding the ability to purchase alcohol through DoorDash.

While DoorDash may have already delivered food from breweries or restaurants that offer paired food, it still wasn’t able to deliver alcohol. It’s now running a pilot service for the delivery in southern California and hopes to expand that delivery service soon after to its existing markets. You could think of something like this being useful in the case of ordering food from a restaurant that might go well with beer or wine, or ordering it en masse for an event.

“As we started talking to our merchants about it, they loved this idea of pairing their most popular dishes with specific types of alcohol,” DoorDash head of business development Prahar Shah said “Merchants got really excited, and we at DoorDash have always said we’re more than a food delivery company — it just happens to be the first vertical to focus on. This felt very natural.”

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