Xiaomi’s newest gadget is a foldable electric bicycle that costs $450

Is there anything that China’s Xiaomi doesn’t sell? The company best-known for its affordable but high-quality smartphones recently announced its first drone, right afterlaunching a smart rice cooker, and now it has unveiled an electric bicycle.

The Mi QiCYCLE Electric Folding Bike is — as you can guess from the name — also foldable. It comes with a 250W, 36V motor and packs 20 Panasonic lithium-ion batteries — the same type you’d find in a Tesla — alongside Xiaomi’s own battery management system that, the company said, all told will take you 45km on a single charge.

The bike looks like an interesting option for anyone who has an urban commute, and doesn’t fancy an electric skateboard — we’ve seen them in China and the U.S., but not from Xiaomi — or one of Xiaomi’s own electric scooters to cover the last mile/miles home or to the office.

As you’d expect from any Xiaomi product, it is ‘smart’ — which means it has a companion app that displays information about your ride (speed, distance, calories burned, etc), GPS data and the status of the bike. There’s a little more than that. Xiaomi said it has a system — IDbike Torque Measurement Method — that uses sensors to optimize the effort you are putting into pedaling so that you don’t have to overdo it to get to your desired speed.

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