Delicious – Hugo Boss Perfume Spray & Scent

The new arrival in fragrance world, “Delicious – Hugo Boss Unforgivable eau de toilette a cologne for men” The packaging is cool like its name; I like the man dominated bottle approach which is normally represented the brand name Hugo Boss it is now become my top 8 favorites. I wear it for business and for nights-out as it is soft, fresh spicy and very seductive smell which is attracted to my girl friend as she commented during start this Cool fragrance.


A woody aromatic Cool fragrance for the man who defies convention, and resists the ordinary every day, finding satisfaction in the unexpected. His fragrance, a provocative blend of citrus and woods, liberates the senses — fresh, clean, profoundly sensual — A signature statement of determination and desire. Be unexpected.

This fragrance broadens its appeal to young men because is not a Branded perfume to sample on paper, it should be worn — and applied with a generous hand — to experience its subtle phases of development. Unforgiven has good lasting power and silage, it smells more masculine.

Hugo Boss Unforgiven contains notes of citrus , “deep blue sea” accord.


  • Strong, confident man with potent, charming, sensual, elegant and charismatic elegance combines English and French sophistication.
  • A confident man with a free spirit, seductive with the promise of hidden sensuality.
  •  An audacious yet classic man, his fragrance leaves an impression of elegance and spontaneity…

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