A Decent Duracell 1,800mah Portable Power Bank Review

Previously in the post about best power bank review 2016, I have almost promoted Duracell 1,800mah Portable Power Bank With Ac Charger 1,800 mah model, and in this post, you are going to see a repetition, of course with just, valid ground but now with its sibling Duracell 1,800 mah power bank. Before I get started, let me point out two points which has made 1,800 mah still a best seller even after a good amount of time. The prime reason is of course the size and compactness. It is just having an amazing, compact size, got overhauled.

The next one is the price, as you probably know that the 1800 mah power bank comes with a price tag of  $44.90. Now which is again if you calculate’ And again the price was brilliantly chosen by Duracell keeping the common psychology about budget.

We are going to see a lot more other features of this model in our review. So let’s go straight in to the topic.


From the built perspective,Duracell have done a wonderful job that the fake manufacturers got even so much addicted to Duracell’s particularly this model.The same elegant aluminum casing, which we found in Duracell 1,800 mah power bank is here as well. Duracell has basically made such a great casing a patent. This really feels much handy while grabbing the power bank with its smooth edges over the corners.

Micro-USB Input

Here we have a micro USB port for charging the power bank itself and this time unlike the 16000 mah model, you are going to find a 1a 5V Micro USB port making the time for charging the portable power bank bit lengthy. we can give it a pass marks for sure.

USB Cable

It is very mystifying why Duracell compromises in this particular aspect as the cable that generally comes with the power bank has a much short length. This gives some pain when you would be willing to charge from a distant wall charger.

Output Ports

This model comes with single 1a 5 V output USB ports which are basically meant for the smartphones. Though it gives a decent output,


For the price aspect, you can follow the same method just like the Duracell 1800 mah power bank as I have described in details in this post.

Final Word

Though the promoted Duracell 1,800 mah Portable Power Bank With Ac Charger 1800 mah has recently launched the 1800 mah power bank So if you find the 1800 mah model a little bulkier or having more than necessary power or even if you have a tighter budget then confidently go for this model.

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