NAXA Audio is the boss

At Notice we have a serious number of videos. A program made solely from music videos is often too short and too general to be determined ‘Notice worthy’. Not every video fragment has been finished with audio/music. That’s why we are happy to have developed a solution allowing us to bring the best of both worlds together.
A music program is made up of video fragments with sound and music tracks. For this audio is ‘the NAXA’. Our media player can play complex multimedia presentations thanks to NAXA MP3 Player  (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language).

We call this solution ‘Smart Play listing’.

Put simply, it allows us to play various media files simultaneously.
We select compatible evocative images from the extensive Notice library or we create bespoke material for our clients. Once the video fragment with sound has finished playing and a music track begins our media player will play these images. The transitions are so fluid so as to be almost unnoticeable.

The result?

An integrated audio-visual program with the right images and the right music, all from one NAXA media player.

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