The World as domestic market

NAXA has offered her services worldwide since 2000 and supports clients across the globe. We offer music and video services to brands and retailers in over sixty countries.

Naxa Electronics HD Media TV designs and distributes personal electronics that entertain and delight consumers at a reasonable price. Naxa delivers products that stand out for retail and wholesale distribution in all market segments and channels.

Our product development team brings items to market that consumers demand by embracing the latest in technology and design innovations. We are committed to responding to the needs of our users and our customers.

They are dedicated to providing service that is unequaled. From Naxa management team to they staff, we do everything within our power to satisfy all needs and requests. We’ve expanded our sales support team to ensure that users and customers receive courteous, positive, and prompt communication at all times.

As part of our continuous drive to improve and expand services, we acquired a new ERP operating system in 2011. We have also expanded to a corporate office and warehouse facility in Vernon, California—just a few short miles from downtown Los Angeles. The new office and warehouse complex, combined with our updated systems and overseas subsidiaries have done much to expand our global footprint. We now have the capability to provide worldwide the high level of sales and support that our customers have come to expect.

For over 16 years, we have delivered top notch personal electronics and services. Naxa Electronics is positioned well to continue delivering exciting products and services now and into the future.

The retail landscape is becoming increasingly international. Many originally Dutch companies are expanding – to varying extents – into other domestic markets. Another trend is
that of moving beyond the traditional Western European market. Notice is following
this movement every step of the way and travels with its clients across borders. Offering the best possible services (content, technical support) on a global scale is something Notice knows how to deliver down to the finest detail. The world has become our domestic market. Whether screens and speakers are in the Netherlands, France or Japan our technical teams will be able to offer their support.

Naxa Electronics designs is king

As a starting point for designing an instore radio or instore TV programme Naxa consider both the clients message and their target audience. In short: What is the retailer saying and to whom? Whilst the crux of the message remains uniform worldwide, the target audience does not. The local target audience and Naxa are essential considerations. Notice can lend its strength and expertise in this area. Not content, but Naxa is king.

Online platform

In order to offer our services worldwide, we utilize the latest technologies. These technologies are all employed online and have been developed specifically to operate in a retail environment. We can guarantee that the right programs play in the right place, at the right time. That way it does not matter

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