10 Crazy WhatsApp Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Whats App, the informing stage that cost Facebook $19 billion dollars when it was procured in 2014, remains the most-utilized IM administration with its parent’s own particular stage – Messenger – sticking to this same pattern. Keeping in mind you (most likely) utilize it consistently, there might in any case be a few things that you don’t think about its operations or what you can do inside the application. Here are ten things you likely don’t think about Whats App:

1 billion downloads with 5 individuals

The informing administration hit the 1 billion downloads mark on Android back in March a year ago, and Whats App fellow benefactor and CEO Jan Koum posted accordingly that the group taking a shot at the Android form was only five individuals altogether.

2.The organization’s fellow benefactors were rejected by Facebook and Twitter

Both Jan Koum and Brian Acton – who prior cooperated at Yahoo – were rejected by Facebook and Twitter in meetings, before they ran full-time with Whats App. Envision how distinctive the world would be if even one of those meetings had gone better.

3.You can utilize WhatsApp to pack pictures and recordings

Beyond any doubt you could utilize a committed photograph altering application to do that, yet this works incredible for a speedy fix if its all the same to you the drop in quality. Send the arrangement of pictures and video records to one of your companions (or yourself) by means of Whats App, and after that head over to the Whats App Media organizer on Android or your Camera Roll on iOS to locate the packed adaptations. You can erase the firsts to spare space, or share the compacted pictures or recordings through some other on the off chance that you incline toward.

4.WhatsApp makes client account as [phone number]@s.whatsapp.net

The administration runs a redid form of the open informing standard XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), which was initially produced for coordinated effort application Jabber. That is the reason Whats App utilizes the ID convention made for Jabber as <[phone number]@s.whatsapp.net>

5.Sort “whatsapp://send?text=HELLO” in program address bar

The informing administration has its Web convention also, which is utilized by most sites to make a Whats App offer element. In the event that the telephone has Whats App introduced, writing the content above into your program ought to open Whats App and request that you pick a contact to send the message to. You can alter the message by supplanting “Hi” with whatever message you’d like to send. Put in a little however and it could be a decent approach to trick companions into sending messages they didn’t intend to.

6.See when your messages were perused

Communicated something specific and later saw that it has been conveyed and perused, yet you’re not certain when? Whats App shows a few unique ticks to let you know about the status of your message. In any case, it likewise goes above and beyond and gives you a course of events breakdown on when your message was conveyed and read. Simply hang on a specific message and pick ‘Data’.

7.Custom warnings for any contact or gathering


At this moment, practically every message you get on Whats App most likely sends the same notice, isn’t that so? So the main method for knowing whether it’s something essential is to check your telephone each time a message comes. In any case, there’s a superior method for doing things. You can set up custom message sounds, ringtones, vibrating examples and pop-ups for your Whats App contacts and gatherings, contingent upon what gadget you’re utilizing. iOS is the more prohibitive one, taking into consideration just sounds and ringtones. On Android, you can do every one of the four – notwithstanding going so far as to pick any solid record for calls, picking between short or long vibrations, etcetera. This implies you can have distinctive warnings for your work bunches, your companions, and your family.

8.Content arranging – intense, italics and strike-through

Since March, Whats App for Android and iOS has upheld fundamental content organizing also in entirely straightforward style, by encasing your message in reference marks for intense, underscores for italics, and tildes for strike through. You can likewise consolidate any of the three for a multi-designed affair.

9.WhatsApp doesn’t store client information

The reason Whats App Web needs your telephone and its comparing information administrations to work is on account of the organization doesn’t give server stockpiling to your messages, not at all like Facebook Messenger or Skype. All the server keeps up is a line of your undelivered messages. Once a message gets conveyed to your gadget, there’s nothing left back on the servers. You can obviously reinforcement and reestablish your messages by means of Google Drive or i Cloud.

10.WhatsApp gives 256-piece end-to-end encryption


Created by Open Whisper Systems – whose encryption convention has been utilized by celebrated around the world informing device Signal for a considerable length of time – all messages sent and got through Whats App are currently encoded end-to-end which implies programmers or onerous administrations can’t rupture your protection. This move has pushed Whats App into the lawful world spotlight from that point forward, since it implies that messages can’t be legally blocked either.

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