The Worst Web Host: HostGator Sucks

A friend once told me that I was the most tactful person she knew, but right now I am going to be uncharacteristically blunt. I am going to tell it like it is, which is this: HostGator sucks. It is the absolute worst.

If you are a new blogger looking for a web host, you’ve probably googled things liked, “what is the best web host for new bloggers?” or “where should I host my wordpress blog?” or “what is the best host for my wordpress blog?”

Chances are great that one of the web hosting companies recommended most frequently will be HostGator. You’ve probably even seen a blogger or two or three that you admire recommending Hostgator.

If you are currently in search of a web host and if you happen to find this post, PLEASE do yourself a favor and run screaming in the opposite direction.

Please do not set up your new WordPress blog using Hostgator. HostGator is the absolute worst. I am not even remotely exaggerating when I say that Hostgator sucks.

Shortly after launching my first blog I decided that I needed to be self-hosted, so I started looking around for how to set up a WordPress blog and where to host a WordPress blog. Even back then (or especially back then), it seemed like most bloggers were using HostGator so that’s what I did too. It got glowing reviews. Everyone seemed to love it.


I followed the recommendation of many and registered for Hostgator and regretted it almost instantly.

From day one my site would go down constantly. I’d get random errors that nobody could figure out. I was constantly on the phone with them because my site just wasn’t working. They told me that I was using too much data… but I pretty much had an empty site at that point. At some point I had malware on my site because one of the other sites on the shared server was a porn site… I don’t even understand how this happened! If I had an awesome traffic day the site would slow down because the HostGator server just couldn’t handle it… and by awesome I mean like 1,000 people. We are not talking crazy numbers here! Over time, the service kept getting worse and worse, with the site going down for hours at a time with absolutely no explanation or apology from HostGator.

HostGator eventually reached out to me and said my site was getting too big for their basic hosting plan, so I’d need to upgrade to a VPS (virtual private server). I readily agreed because I needed some stability and assumed more money would fix the problem. Wrong again. I paid more for the site to go down even more frequently. I was in constant contact with them and basically they just kept telling me that I’d need to pay them more money to get things to work properly.

I eventually decided that I’d had enough when they told me that I’d have to start paying $100 per month in hosting fees. At that point I was out. It’s not that I thought $100 was excessive – I’ll be honest: I’m paying more than that now – but if I was going to pay big bucks then I was going to pay for a host that actually WORKED.

I quit HostGator and have never looked back because I found a web host that I love – Geek Crunch Hosting

Guess what? I haven’t had a minute of downtime since switching to Geek Crunch Hosting    and they aren’t constantly calling and telling me to give them more money. (Don’t worry, while I love Geek Crunch Hosting , I think they’re Perfect for the best web host for new bloggers. I recommend a affordable web hosting  this post.) The problem wasn’t my site or that I wasn’t tech-savvy enough. The problem was HostGator, plain and simple.


If you’ve made it this far you’re probably wondering why so many bloggers recommend HostGator.

Frankly, it’s (mostly) all about the benjamins.

HostGator offers a higher affiliate commission than any other web host. In fact, they typically offer DOUBLE what other web hosts offer.

Most hosting companies pay their affiliates in the ballpark of $50 per referral. That’s pretty big money.

HostGator, however, offers their top grossing affiliates around $100 per referral. That’s an incredible amount of money!

$100 is enough that I almost can’t blame my fellow bloggers for recommending Hostgator. Almost.


From what I’m told, HostGator actually used to be a pretty good web host. Then in late 2010 they were bought by Endurance International Group, which is a conglomerate that goes around buying up lots of web hosting companies. Those web hosting companies continue to exist but their service typically suffers from that point forward. EIG currently owns 80+ web hosting companies List Of companies, and personally I’d recommend staying away from all of them.

EIG-owned hosting companies include:

Note: Whenever I talk to people about EIG-owned companies, I inevitably hear that they’ve had a great experience with HostGator or any of the EIG Owned Brands. I think it is absolutely awesome if you have had no issues and I wouldn’t recommend that you switch hosts if you are happy! However, if you are a new blogger trying to find the best web host for WordPress, then I recommend saving yourself future headaches and going with a company that’s not on the list above.

Lest you think I’m just bitter about my own poor service there are plenty of others who concur that HostGator sucks. Here are some other Hostgator reviews

If you are in any blogging-related Facebook groups Hostgator is a frequent topic of discussion where many people recommend staying away. I’ve even noticed a few custom blog designers stipulating that they will no longer work with clients with HostGator hosted blogs because there are too many hoops to jump through.


So, if we’re mostly in agreement that HostGator sucks, then you might be wondering about HostGator alternatives and EIG alternatives. Luckily there are plenty! I personally recommend the following two hosts as being great options for new bloggers:

Geek Crunch Hosting

If you want an affordable web host with no affiliation to , Geek Crunch Hosting  is a fantastic option! Packages start at 250 INR per month, and that includes web hosting, email, unlimited space, a transfer to their servers and more

Geek Crunch Hosting

Geek Crunch Hosting  has been getting a lot of buzz as being one of the most stable and affordable web hosts for bloggers. Prices start as low as INR 250 per month for your first year and you also get a free domain name for one year. One great thing about Geek Crunch Hosting is that you can scale your service so you’re not paying for server space that you’re not using. For instance, the cheapest plan works until you’re receiving many more  visitors per month, at which case you may want to upgrade to prevent downtime. Having options like this are rare, but makes Geek Crunch Hosting one of the best web hosts for new bloggers!


There are always going to be people who have a good experience with anything, so I’m sure some HostGator users will see this and feel exactly the opposite way that I do. There are tons and tons of people who use HostGator with few to no issues and if you register for HostGator now, you might be one of them. On the other hand, you might end up with constant problems that will force you to eventually switch hosts.

I highly recommend that if you are a new blogger looking for a web host for your blog, that you ignore the hype and use a HostGator alternative from the very beginning.

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