Julie’s Golden Treasure Chest is somewhat cocoa pelican, who discovers her actual magnificence with the assistance of rascals. It is for every one of the companions you have cherished as family and the hard voyage to adoring yourself. This book will be a progression of books, to address kids’ issues, with creature characters. We trust they will rouse youngsters and high schoolers to have the fearlessness to get themselves and know they are “Sufficient and Loved.”

“This book is a book about trust! Regardless of how dull life may appear, you have the enchantment inside you, to sparkle brighter than the brightest star!” Connie Lee

Julie’s Golden Treasure Chest is a moving motivational book for youngsters and grown-ups alike.

“Julie’s Golden Treasure Chest” recounts the narrative of a young lady, who felt disliked, isolated. Like the account of the “Odd one out” thought he wasn’t adequate, was chuckled at and ridiculed. Julie felt the same way. I could feel such a great amount of sorrow for this young lady. Is it accurate to say that she was terrible? NO…Was she manhandled? Yes. Kids, who read this story will have the capacity to interface, see that they are not the only one in all the offensiveness of Child Abuse and harassing. This story conveys misuse to the bleeding edge, demonstrating a tyke that abusers will say or do anything to make you keep their mystery. Julie had no way out. Who might trust her? Kids mishandled feel the same way. No youngster should be manhandled or tormented. They didn’t request it, and not the slightest bit are considered capable. That falls on the abuser. Julie gets herself and ideally other youngsters will see that they are essential, not terrible.”

Mary Graziano Copyrighted 2015

A brilliant story tending to a delicate issue that shouldn’t need to be told. Elegantly composed and showed.

Jim Litzenberg www.birdsasart.com

“Julie’s Golden Treasure is an important gem. It offers trust and recuperating to youngsters living with misuse and looking for higher ground. I profoundly prescribe this book to administration suppliers and people recuperating from misuse.”

Julie Federico Children’s Services Author

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