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The key here is control of attention. We’re so distracted, and we’re feeding that feeling on every occasion we switch between responsibilities. We need to (re)educate our attention. Focused interest can serve obligations – that’s the left hemisphere at work, doing rational, deductive, logical, step-by using-step questioning.
The other sort of attention, which serves creativity, is where the right hemisphere is dominant. That calls for deeply quieting the thoughts. It was Betty Edwards (drawing on the proper aspect of the mind) who located that one powerful manner to prompt a shift from left to the right hemisphere is to copy an upside-down line drawing. Or to

genuinely count to a certain number.
But there are lots of approaches to activate the shift: take a walk in nature, go for a run, and concentrate on a classical tune… even take a bath. It’s repetition that causes the shift. The more we teach any muscle – which includes the right hemisphere – the more potent and more lively it becomes.

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