Samsung spills the details of its Note 7 exchange program in US

On the off chance that you have a Galaxy Note 7, you’ve most likely officially found out about the review. Be that as it may, the specifics contrast for every locale, and Samsung a few seconds ago discharged the points of interest for what your alternatives are here in the place where there is the free.

To begin with thing you’ll need to do is go to wherever you purchased your gadget — they’ll be doing the trade there. At that point you get the opportunity to pick what sort of trade you’re searching for.

You can get another Note 7, obviously, “as ahead of schedule as one week from now” — apparently, once the shipments of non-inflammable batteries have arrived and they’ve been swapped in.

In any case, you can likewise get a plain Galaxy S7 or a S7 Edge — both strong gadgets — and get discounted the distinction between the two. Extras will be supplanted too, so you won’t be out any money on the off chance that you purchased a case or screen defender.

Notwithstanding another gadget, everybody who does the trade will get a $25 blessing card or bill credit.

In the event that you have questions, check to ensure your telephone isn’t ablaze and afterward dial 1-800-SAMSUNG and they ought to have the capacity to bail you out.

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