Save with BT Family SIM

BT has an innovative new SIM contract called BT Family SIM. Family SIM allows you to manage your household mobiles under one contract. This would mean that the primary account holder would be responsible for paying all the bills, rather than individual family members paying their own.

Having multiple contracts to pay can be a headache for some as you would have different networks to deal with not to mention different types of tariffs. With BT SIM, you can have a number of SIM’s for different members of your family. You can mix up the SIM’s from 2 GB or 15 GB plans. Furthermore, you can also choose just the SIM only.

Get Five SIMs on One Account

If you choose the SIM only contract, you can have up to five SIM’s for your family each allocated with their own data. According to BT, you can save up to £376 per year. Furthermore, if you are a BT broadband customer you can get an additional £5 per month.

To start the family SIM the first contract has to be 12 months SIM only deal, then the customer can add additional SIM’s with up to five SIM’s. The SIM’s can be used in tablet deals too, if you did not just want to just use a mobile device. The standard SIM only with 2 GB is £10 and the 15 GB is £20.

Save Over £100 per Year

For comparison if a family took out five 2 GB SIM’s, this would cost a total of £36 per month and over a course of a year saving as much £168 per year when compared to similar deals

John Peter, CEO of BT consumer said, “We believe our new Family SIM deal offers a simple way for households to purchase mobile services and is the best value deal on the market today.”

We believe that this is a great option for families, and the more SIM you add to the contract the more a family can save, especially if you are also a BT broadband customer.

BT is now differentiating their offering as many MVNO are also pursuing very competitive deals for their customers. The more competition there are the better it is for consumers. We also see many other networks also bringing out family SIM only contracts including from Virgin Mobile SIM and Three mobile SIM only U.K.

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