Save on the new iPhone with SIM only Deals

With the latest iPhone 7 contracts starting around £40 per month over 2 years, you can see that it can be very expensive. The £40 does not cover the upfront fee on some of the models of iPhone. At, our editors have found that it could be cheaper to get a SIM only deal than a contract mobile. With the entry-level iPhone costing £550, how much can you save? Well, over a 24 months contract we have found that you can save over £300.

Best for data SIM only deals

We have found that data SIM only deals are much more generous on 12 months deals compared to contract mobile phones including all you can eat data SIM only. On some tariffs, this can be as much as double data, as an example Vodafone offer 3 GB on their £47 iPhone contract but for around £18, you can get 8GB on a 12 months contract with a data SIM only deal. For high mobile data usage users who are often using data to stream video or on social media or even using it for work purposes, these deals are very enticing.

In the majority of cases, data is always larger on a SIM only contract then a 24 months contract phone. By comparing deals at, you can really see how much you could be saving every month.

Buy iPhone SIM free with SIM only deal

Certainly, you would have to buy the iPhone outright to benefit from long term savings. The initial outlay is quite expensive for some, but there are ways in which you can raise funds and not be out of pocket.

Firstly, if you already have a mobile phone you could get a good price for your existing used phone. There are many mobile phone buy back companies where you could get a significant amount of cash for your handset. The more resent and better the specification would demand a higher resale value.

Optionally considering a zero percent loan can also save you money, as you can pay back the phone in monthly instalments without incurring interest’s fees.

Once on a SIM only deal you can make further savings as SIM only deals allow you to change contracts or providers when a much better deal becomes available. There are some fantastic offers available now including 3 tablet deals, so compare and make savings on your next purchase of the latest iPhone.

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