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Till our generation, we were not taught about any of the different types of software. But this new generation kids, they all know about the recent developments, technologies and various available types of software, to make our work easier. Frankly speaking, I came to know about the different types of available software, only when I needed one of them. At the school level itself, they are being taught about the various formats of file, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and etc. Once, I came home from the office with a lot of work. All the files that I had, was supposed to be converted from PDF to JPG file format. I was very busy doing the office work, when my nephew came. I promised him that I would be going for his toy-shopping today. But how was I supposed to go after having this much amount of work. Each file was very long and was taking a considerable amount of time for that conversion to take place. I felt pathetic, because my nephew was leaving for his home town the other day. But then, he came to my room and told me to use such a software that could automatically convert all the required PDF files to the JPG one format, so that we could go out, and even the work will not stop. I was shocked to hear this from a 10-year old child. I searched the internet and found about the software developed by Soft Solutions. This software allowed me to queue up all those files that needed to be converted from PDF to JPG file format. Can you even imagine about the amount of time that this software can save?

PDF to JPG Converter:


Well, yeah, I did imagine. This was the most fascinating feature, out of the many features that this software has. Without wasting any time, I downloaded the software, queued up all the files, and started the conversion process. I even went out with my nephew, took some break from my work, and guess what? When I came back, all of my required documents have been converted by that time. This software also allows the PDF file to be converted into several other types of format, such as, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF file formats. The Even internet connection is not required for the conversion of files, once the software has been downloaded. Now you must be wondering about whether your system supports this software or not. So, let me tell you one thing. Any possible operating system that you name, which is in use now-a-days, will support this software.


If you do not have this software till now, you can just click on the below link and install it, by following the procedure mentioned. All the steps have been written and explained clearly. You don’t need to be an expert; this software has been designed to be used by everyone, even one without any knowledge of any of the different types of software. Download it from or


A similar video tutorial has been also designed by Soft Solutions itself, so that the downloading part gets even more easily. The video can be watched by clicking on the following link: 

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