OnePlus 3 vs. OnePlus 3T: Is the new phone worth the price bump?

Just two or three months after the entry of the OnePlus 3, the organisation has released a followup that is planned to take things to the accompanying level: the OnePlus 3T. The device boasts a couple key improvements over the initial OnePlus 3, most strikingly concerning get ready power. In any case, is the thump to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor worth the redesign? Besides, case you’re in the market for another phone, would it be a smart thought for you to spend the extra cash on another phone, or simply settle on the less viable one? Here, we dissect the OnePlus 3 et cetera opposed OnePlus 3T to see which is perfect for you.


As you can probably watch, the two phones are on a very basic level the same as close to a couple key differences. The best one? Likely the way that the OnePlus 3T highlights a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor as opposed to the Snapdragon 820 found on the OnePlus 3. You may consider the measure of a qualification this makes, in reality, and that is a sensible question.

Turns out, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 is genuinely just an overclocked type of the 820. This implies it continues running at a higher repeat and subsequently can deal with additional in a shorter measure of time. As demonstrated by Qualcomm, the 821 offers a 10-percent development in execution over the 820, which gives phones outfitted with the new chip a slight edge. It won’t have a critical impact with respect to execution, yet control hungry customers will presumably observe the refinement between the two chips. If you have a phone with a Snapdragon 820, regardless, there’s genuinely no convincing motivation to upgrade.

The OnePlus 3T likewise boasts an extra limit decision. In the blink of an eye, as opposed to being swindled on account of 64GB of limit, you can choose 128GB. By far most apparently won’t require that much stockpiling, especially the more cloud-canny customers, yet having the option is completely wonderful.

The upgraded processor and additional stockpiling decision address the primary colossal differences in the execution division. Both phones still amusement 6GB of RAM, which is mind blowing considering the way that 6GB is well before by and large pioneers. The OnePlus 3T has a slight edge here, in any case.


The framework of both phones is practically indistinct — they’re both 7.4-millimeters thick and tout comparable estimations. That doesn’t mean they’re too much thin, notwithstanding they’re not squares either. On the off chance that you’re hunting down a ultra-thin device you won’t feel in your pocket, in any case, neither of the two phones is in all likelihood the right choice for you.

The principle refinement in the blueprint office is that the OnePlus 3T is available in a few new tints. The principal contraption was only available in Graphite, yet the 3T is open in Graphite despite Gunmetal and Soft Gold. The additional shading decisions likely won’t speak to the choosing minute it for a considerable number individuals, however it’s charming to have the additional options.


The OnePlus 3 is a bewildering contraption, and the larger part of its specs are on the ball. The battery life, regardless, was more on the curve. The 3,000mAh battery gave around a day and a half of usage, putting it keeping pace with each other Android contraption available today. The OnePlus 3T takes things to the accompanying level with 3,400mAh battery, in any case. It’s practical that a part of the extra squeeze will go toward driving the more talented processor, in any case, in a perfect world, it will likewise allow the phone to last longer with each charge.

Both contraptions additionally go with the Dash Charge incorporate, which is very zippy. In our testing, the OnePlus 3 went from 0 to 100 percent battery life in a hour and 14 minutes. It will likely take the OnePlus 3T to some degree longer to charge, yet the truth remains that Dash Charge offers yet another rousing power for either phone.


One of the ways that OnePlus seems to cut costs on its phones is by using a show with a lower assurance than what diverse companys may offer. That is not by any stretch of the imagination a terrible thing, in any case. Both phones come outfitted with a 1,080 x 1,920-pixel Super AMOLED appear, which offers splendid tints and 5.5-inch slate on which to work.

The show is the same on both of these phones, so there’s nothing to consider here.


While the show might be the same, the cameras are to some degree unprecedented — in any occasion with respect to the front-facing shooter.

To begin with, we ought to talk about the back standing up to camera, which is, as it were, the same between the two phones. Both have a 16-megapixel sensor with a f/2.0 opening, which is wonderful for taking low-light photos. There is a differentiation between the two cameras, in any case, in that the OnePlus 3T boasts OnePlus’ “Quick Pixel Technology” which on a very basic level decreases low-light racket. The 3T additionally has a sapphire point of convergence and better electronic picture modification, in any case they both tout the same Sony-developed sensor.

The front-standing up to camera on the OnePlus 3T is a more noteworthy measure of a change over that of its herald. While the OnePlus 3 incorporated a 8-megapixel sensor, the OnePlus 3T comes outfitted with a strong 16-megapixel sensor. The new camera furthermore incorporates another “smile to catch” mode, which licenses you to actually get a photo when you smile.


Both the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T boast the organization’s prohibitive Oxygen working structure, and they both go with Android 6 Marshmallow, rather than Android 7.0 — despite the way that they should both get the overhaul within the near future, in any occasion as showed by OnePlus.

Oxygen OS is a standard Android overlay — there isn’t much in the strategy for bloatware, and there are genuinely only a couple interface changes. On the off chance that you’re a fan of stock Android, this is about as close as you’ll get without utilizing genuine stock Android.

Cost and Availability:

Opened types of both the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are available particularly from OnePlus, and as you would expect, the 3T is to some degree more expensive than its more settled kinfolk. While the OnePlus 3 starts at $400, the new 3T sits at $440, which means you’re netting a prevalent processor and an unrivaled camera for just $40.

Lamentably, in case you need to save the cash and get the OnePlus 3, you’ll have to scramble toward eBay or another online store, in light of the way that OnePlus has completed offers of the OnePlus 3 in Europe and the United States. The OnePlus 3T will go on uncommon on November 22, and you can get it particularly from the OnePlus site.


We ought to make something clear: the OnePlus 3T is unmistakably the better mobile phone. It incorporates a speedier processor, an improved front-going up against camera, and the latest type of Android. We trust it’s advocated paying little heed to the extra $40, yet just on the off chance that you’re in the market for another phone — there’s genuinely no explanation behind climbing to the 3T in case you starting now have the OnePlus 3. In case you are planning to redesign from your OnePlus 3, in any case, we endorse holding up until the OnePlus 4.

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