How to Choose a Gaming Laptop

Choosing a gaming laptop is a daunting task especially in this day and age of so many brands and constant updates. Before you go for a particular gaming laptop you have to keep several things in mind. For instance, you bear in mind how fast it should be, what color display you need, how much space do you need, and how long do you want to be on the go without being plugged to the mains.

At minimum you will need to consider the following things in order to get to the right decision.

  • Processor
  • Graphic card
  • RAM
  • Screen size
  • Storage
  • Audio
  • SSD hard drive
  • Battery life

Apart from looking at these technical stuffs, you will also want to ensure that you have some cool guarantee. I personally recommend to go for extra guarantee either from the manufacturer or obtaining insurance at some extra cost for the peace of mind.

Although, there is a good range of laptops to look at in 2017, here is a list of the top 9 that you might be interested. These selected here have been already time tested by users with excellent user experience.

The reason I base my selection on user reviews is that there is nothing better than the actual user experience when it comes to buying gadgets or other tech related stuff such as computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and so on.

The user experience reflects the actual performance of the device in real life. Rather than just guessing and using your own predictions, why not base your judgements on something that is far more realistic.

Here are the top 9 pieces that I selected on my chosen criteria

  • Asus Rog G752
  • Alienware 17 ANW17
  • Acer Predator 15
  • MSI GE72VR Pro 17.3″
  • Dell Inspiron 15 7559
  • Razer Blade Pro No. 6
  • Gigabyte P55Wv6-PC3D
  • HP Pavilion 15 Gaming Laptop
  • Origin PC EON17-SLX

Apart from looking at past customer experience, a choice will also be determined by your own individual likes and dislikes. You might be wondering why different people go for different gaming laptops or even other devices. It is simple. People differ in their likes and dislikes and so in their choices.

Some would like to go for speed, others for better graphics. Some would like to have more storage while others would like to have extra features. So at the end of the day, the choice will vary depending upon your own personal inclinations.

However, once you have decided your own personal choice, it is always best to look at what other people are saying. Just browse around the internet and look for some past customer reviews. Some sites are wholly dedicated to the topic and have detailed guides for the reader where they can get in-depth insights on the subject.

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