Use Apple Pay at Drive-Thru Get Fined

People who use Apple Pay or Android Pay at British drive-thru windows might face a fine of up to £200 ($244.66).

A new law in the United Kingdom makes it illegal for drivers to use a phone whenever their vehicle’s engine is running, The Mirror reported. That includes when a car is parked at the drive-thru.

Therefore it would illegal to use Apple Pay to buy a hamburger at a British McDonald’s drive-thru, unless of course you turned the engine off. Drivers might also be required to put on the emergency brake.

Drivers will also get six penalty points added to their licenses. That means they might lose their licenses; or face higher insurance rates, for using Apple Pay at the drive-thru. That means it makes sense for British drivers to keep using their credit cards or cash at the drive thru.

Americans had better pay attention because strict new phone use laws are coming to the US too. U.S. drivers might also face similar fines or points for using Android Pay or Microsoft Wallet at the drive-thru.

Apple Pay Coming to Taiwan, Germany and Italy

At least seven banks have won approval to start supporting Apple Pay in Taiwan, 9 to 5 Mac is reported. That might indicate the payment solution’s launch in the country is imminent.

Cathay United Bank, CTBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, E. Sun Commercial Bank, Taishin International Bank, Tapei Fubon Commercial Bank and Union Bank of Taiwan have authorized for Apple Pay by the Financial Supervisory Commission. If true this will make Taiwan the 15th country where Apple Pay is available.

About Apple Pay” documents in German and Italian have been seen at the Apple Pay website, 9 to 5 Mac reported. German and Italian versions of the about Apple Pay feature have also been seen.

No official announcement has been made but 9 to 5 Mac claims pictures of Frankfurt and Verona were seen at the Apple Pay website indicating those cities might be next. Similar speculations about Apple Pay were made in October but they never panned out.

No exact dates for the Apple Pay launch in Germany, Taiwan or Italy is available. Hopefully residents of those nations will not get fined for using Apple Pay at the drive-thru.

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