Hyperloop Test Might Take Place in April

We have to start thinking about these ramifications of Hyperloop because the first full scale test of the technology might occur of schedule as April of this current year, Inverse reported. Hyperloop One executives think they may have the capacity to hold their public test or demonstration of the technology, the Kitty Hawk moment in North Las Vegas, Nevada, in April.

The test is the thing that Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd calls “the fundamental prototype”. That model will demonstrate the technology’s viability and serve as a test platform for improvements.

Hyperloop One’s management team is so sure of progress that they may even open the event up to people but did not reveal a specific date, Inverse reported. They also have even greater arrangements for the near future that are even more staggering.

Three Hyperloops could be Running in Five Years

“We need to have three routes in production in the next five years,” Lloyd told Inverse. Hyperloop One simply finished the first stage of its Global Challenge and picked 35 potential routes around the world.

The teams behind the 35 routes will make introductions to Hyperloop One executives at showcases in New Delhi, Washington D.C. what’s more, London. After the introductions the judges will limit the decisions down to around about six routes.

That does not mean a Hyperloop will be built on each route. Rather Hyperloop One will conduct feasibility studies to see if it is possible. Three of the areas will be decided for actual Hyperloop routes.

A likely possibility is that Hyperloop One might build one passenger line, one freight route and an underwater connection to demonstrate the technology’s viability. More systems may be developed if funds or resources become available.

We have to begin considering the implications of Hyperloop now since it may almost be here. Our world might be a very different place in only a couple of years because of Hyperloop.

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