Personal Mobile Alert Devices And GPS Monitoring Technologies Help Seniors Stay Safe

Most seniors today prefer to age safely in their own homes and local area rather than move into a monitored facility. If you are worried about how your parents will be able to do this on their own, there are new personal mobile alert devices and GPS monitoring technologies are products that can help facilitate their safety.

As children of aging parents, we often worry about their personal safety. There was a time when they were younger and stronger, and they had little problems taking care of themselves. As they age, we start to notice the deterioration in their physical and mental abilities. Besides the possible onset of illnesses like dementia, arthritis and strokes, they are just generally weaker and more at risk of falling down or medical emergencies.

With personal Mobile Alert devices, the elderly can press a button and then speak with an operator who can assist them. The personal response device itself comes with a button and speakerphone. A cell phone is useful, but when you are in panic or disoriented, nothing beats having a simple button to press on. This product is an update on a traditional Life Alert button.

Life Alert type of technology or medical alarm buttons are actually over 40 years old, but I’ve read that it still saves lives everyday around the US. You may have seen one of their ads on TV. This is the product where an old lady wears a button around her neck, and after she falls, presses on her button to connect to a live helpline.

With new personal Mobile Alert buttons and monitoring technologies, the concept has been updated for a button that works both in and outside homes. Another crucial feature of these new generation devices is the presence of GPS locations tracking.

Every now and then, we come across news of seniors who have gone missing. These are elderly folks in the 65 and older age group who have gone out for a routine walk or for a regular activity. Just this week, an 84-year-old man went missing in Austin, Texas. According to the police circular issued, if his medical conditions were to be left untreated, he was at risk of dying. Luckily, he was found the next morning.

In another case, and 85-year-old man from a Daytona Beach health care facility had been missing for the past six days. He was said to suffer from diabetes and dementia, so finding him was imperative, or his health was at risk. In his case, he wore a Bluetooth tile tracking that would send a notification if he came within 100 feet of any smartphone that had installed the tracking device’s app. The police was asking for the public to install the app on their phones to help track down the man.

We do not know why or how these elderly gentlemen went missing. However, we read similar types of “elderly becoming missing” news all the time. The onset of dementia and failing mental capacities could be reasons. Whatever the reasons are, our main wish as children is that our parents are quickly found if they ever become lost. For that reason, the GPS locations tracking technology in these mobile alert devices are very important. They help us locate our elderly parents or loved ones should they go missing.

In conclusion, if you have a senior parent or loved one living on their own, consider getting a personal Mobile Alert device with GPS monitoring technology for them. That would allow them to get help if they fall down or have a medical episode. It will also ensure that they can be more easily located via GPS tracking should they lose their way when they are out of the home.

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