3 Top Team Building Tips For Your Business

When you hire employees into your business, you’ll be looking forward to having a team who can support you in making your venture a success. And to do that, you need to know how to build and manage a good team, how to motivate them continuously, and so on. Below, we look at three tactics that can help you achieve it.

Get The Right People

The first and foremost thing you must do to build a good team is to hire the right people for the job. So, what does ‘right people’ mean? It simply means that the person you hire for a particular post must have the qualities to fulfill that role perfectly. You need not look at anything else. For example, if you are looking for a salesperson, then you must check to ensure that the person you are thinking of hiring must have a knack for selling anything. Don’t get too bogged up on university certificates. If a 10th grade guy shows incredible selling skills when compared to a guy who presents a degree in sales but shows an average selling skill, then choose the first guy.

Good Communication

Make sure that you communicate everything properly to your team. Don’t assume that your employees might do something without you telling them. For example, if you want a sales report to be prepared and submitted to you in excel in a particular format, then instruct the concerned employee on this. Don’t just say ‘prepare and submit a sales report’. Instead, say ‘prepare a sales report in excel in the format I show you’, and show them your desired format. This clears up all confusion and your employee knows how exactly you want the sales report to be. Many a time, haphazard communication between the employer and his team members creates a rift between them, dragging down business performance as a result. So, keep your communications with your team precise and clear.

Reward And Appreciate Good Work

Always reward the good work done by your employees. If they perform better than expected, then appreciate them and give them a nice bonus. Or you can give them other things like movie tickets, gift cards, and so on. And such appreciation need not be limited to just business activities alone. In fact, if you see them doing anything good, then remember to appreciate them for that as well. For example, while driving back to work if you see that one of your employees helped an old lady carry her groceries to the car, be sure to mention it at your office and appreciate them for that. It is these little things that will develop a deep bond between you and your team, keeping them loyal to your business.

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